Haresh Surti

Founder & President


RELIANSE GLOBAL is an investment management firm with a singular focus on preserving and enhancing investors assets. ​

Our team of diversified individuals uncovers the most promising investment opportunities for our investors.

Through constant discussion and rigorous deliberation, the team is able to cultivate a rich pool of data to help drive sound investment decisions. With out extensive operational and ownership history we are able to drive operational excellance to maximize investor returns.

​Who We are

An established investment firm, with an successful team that engages in actively seeking to purchase Hotel-Motel, shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, and manufacturing businesses; In order to maximize Investor returns. ​

For more than two decades, our mission has been grounded in a holistic investment process designed to apply rigorous top-down and bottom-up analysis of inputs to identify investment opportunities and risks. ​

We have an established reputation of innovation, and we continue to evolve as a provider of investment solutions across all asset classes. ​